Our Story πŸ’–

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Our Story πŸ’– | KMS Hayloft
KMS Hayloft was the first online retailer of hay products for small animals.

Since 2001 we have been delivering small animal food from our doorstep to yours. 😍

This all started with a passion for guinea pigs and desiring that they could have something better than what was available at the time. This is how our famous Timothy Choice Pellets were born. They continue to be the standard of quality and nutrition which we are very proud of. Over time, we have steadily expanded to care for not only guinea pigs but rabbits, chinchillas, and many other small animals.

For us at the Hayloft, this is so much more than simply providing products. We want to provide so much more.

Friendship. 🀝 Trust. πŸ’• Care. πŸ‘

As a small family-owned company, we handle our products personally. Even the kids are involved. Caring for your animals is so personal for us. If we wouldn’t feed it to our animals, we don’t expect you to feed it to yours.

We don’t have big teams like many companies, but we remain close to our farm roots. Trusting that honesty, putting in the extra effort, and treating our customers as we would ourselves will shine through.

Thanks for visiting The Hayloft. We hope that you’ll stay a while.

-Dan, Owner KMS Hayloft

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