February 2020

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February 2020 | KMS Hayloft

Hay Everyone.

I want to start our new decade with some reflection on Failures, Successes, and the Upcoming.

As KMS enters it's 19th year of business all I can say is WOW! The average company lifespan is only 10 years and I am excited to see The Hayloft reach its 20th year and beyond with YOU! With that said, I have spent the first few days this year evaluating the last couple of years, placing myself in your shoes and asking myself what would I expect.


The Failures

1. Our Phone Line - My desire was to connect with you all more and improve service to you. Unfortunately, it has been more of a nightmare than a success story. For the first time, KMS had a phone line. YAY! Right? .....Wrong! I chose a bad provider which has only been trouble for us. I also didn't consider my availability.

Because Service to You is the top priority please direct all needs to customerservice@kmshayloft.com for the fastest, most caring service.

2. Out of stock products - Because of you all sharing our products with friends and family we had multiple out of stock wait times last year. I am wholly dissatisfied with this fact and am working diligently to have a plan in place with our providers with the hope that it prevents this problem moving forward.

3. We are imperfect people with imperfect plans. Simply put, we love serving this community. We will make mistakes. We will keep working hard to improve.


The Successes

1. New Products - We were able to add 2 new hays and pellets specially formulated for rabbits. I look forward to continuing to add healthy products that will add value to you and your fur babies.

2. Rewards Program - For the first time in the companies history, we added a rewards program. As a result, we were able to give back to you over $10,000 in discounts and free products. We are not a large company but I want KMS to be customer-oriented and I count this as a huge success.

3. Share the Love Program - With the help of Vegas Dumpsite Bunnies (found here - https://www.facebook.com/specialneedsrspecial/), we kicked off the Share the Love Program. This program allows charities and rescues alike to partner with us to receive funding back into their programs. Our first donation of $75 went out in December. I hope to look back and see that this program helped to spark small animal communities to work more closely together for the benefit of all. To learn more about the program follow this link. https://kmshayloft.com/pages/share-the-love



1. 50-pound pellets will be removed as a purchase option. I know this is disappointing to many!! This is due to all major shipping companies changing their extra handling charges from 75 pounds to 50 pounds. The change in cost makes it too expensive to ship that size. I am determining if 40 pounds can be a reasonable replacement option. Please email and comment on this. Your input matters!!

2. Wholesale Products - This year we are going to start offering wholesale purchase options. Obviously this won't be for everyone but it may be for some of you! It also may mean that you start seeing your favorite products in your favorite local pet store. 🤞

3. Ambassador Program - Watch for the upcoming Ambassador Program! If we could hire all of you we would! Instead, we can have you join us as ambassadors. If you love small animals, love the Hayloft, and social media we want you to join us! You'll have an opportunity to earn with us and we hope it more then supports your fur baby's hay habits!! 🐰 🐹

4. Faster Order Fulfilment - We are exploring options that would get you your products faster. My number one filter on this is product quality. If the products don't get to you in the amazing condition we expect we won't do this. But if there is a way to shorten shipping times and maintain the quality I am all in!

Please like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well as let us know what you think about where we are headed.

I will always strive to start with the customer and work backward. The Hayloft family is very important to our family.


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