Hayloft Update July 2019

July 15, 2019 0 Comments

Hayloft Update July 2019 | KMS Hayloft

The first of the 1st Timothy has arrived and it is Rubble Rabbit approved. Coming from the most hay spoiled Flemish you will ever meet, he hopped right over to this amazing fresh hay and within seconds was gobbling up the fresh grass, stem, and seed heads.

That's saying a lot for a bunny that gets anything his heart desires!

Our 1st Timothy was cut just 10 days ago on July 5th. That means if you want the freshest hay available this is it!

Get it through this link. 1st Timothy Hay 👈

As a quick reminder of the other hays coming up for harvest, here is the list and estimated harvest windows. This year has been cold and rainy to start the summer so in some cases, we are seeing a harvest delay but 

2nd Timothy - Early August 🐰

3rd Timothy - Late August to Early September 🐹

Bluegrass - Mid to Late July 🥗

Alfalfa - Begining of July 😍

Oat - Begining of July 🌾

KMS Pellets - Fresh Batch this Week  💖

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Thank You Hayloft Family!


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