Hayloft Update June 2019

June 26, 2019 0 Comments

Hayloft Update June 2019 | KMS Hayloft


What an EXCITING time fo the year!

Harvest season has begun and all around us, there are fields being harvested as 1st cutting begins.

For the first time in our nearly 20 year history, we will be carrying 1st Cut Timothy Hay!!

In a few weeks, an old favorite will return as well. Any guesses? Alright, I won't hold out on you, it's Alfalfa. 😊

Due to the number of requests last year, I have been working to develop some more relationships with local growers that are looking forward to being part of the Hayloft Family and provide you with these new hays. These are family operated farms who take immense pride in providing an amazing product directly to you! I can say that I am excited to bring them on board.

We are also getting a lot of questions about hay harvest times. Here is how it looks for the different hays. Please keep in mind that harvest times will vary due to weather and other various delays.

1st Timothy - Now through the first 2 weeks of July 🐾

2nd Timothy - Early August 🐰

3rd Timothy - Late August to Early September 🐹

Bluegrass - Mid to Late July 🥗

Alfalfa - Begining of July 😍

Oat - Begining of July 🌾

KMS Pellets - Always Amazing and Ready 💖

As you continue to have needs or additional wants for your beloved animals, let us know how we can help! We are always looking for new ways to serve the Hayloft Family well.

Enjoy your summer!


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