November Update 2019

November 28, 2019 0 Comments

November Update 2019 | KMS Hayloft

Hay Everyone.

I am THANKFUL for my family and for all of you this year.

I must confess, some days I look around and wonder what happened to my day. I am sure all of you have this same feeling as well.

A couple of announcements to start -

Thursday 11/28/19 and Friday 11/29/19 we are going to be closed. Both Andrea (Customer Service) and Colby (Shipping) are traveling for Thanksgiving. We will still do shipping but you may not hear from us until the week of December 1st.

To those of you who had pellet orders that are finally shipping. Thank you for your patience. I am hopeful that moving forward we can avoid the ever-increasing lead times on our pellet production. I have two number 1 concerns.

1. Maintaining the quality of our pellets

1. Getting your orders to you as quickly as possible

Unfortunately, those two have been in conflict and I assure you that I will work to make them work as one again. 

Upcoming Change and Why I am Making It -

I am moving our phone line to text only (for now). I expect this to be a temporary change but it is with good reason. Because we are in the country, our phone service is inconsistent. I am tired of dropped calls which makes it difficult to take care of you. I am also out of the office often as well. A text gives me something that is much easier to reference and respond to as I have openings in my schedule. Currently, all calls are routed to my cell phone. I like having direct contact with you and want to continue that. I will be offering scheduled calls if we can't take care of you via email or text.

Stay tuned on Facebook for other updates and polls. I have some ideas in the works that I will be asking your input for.

Also, if you haven't seen it yet. Our Share the Love Program is open for charities to apply to if you follow this link. This program allows the charity to receive 5% back on every purchase through their custom link. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃


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