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Harvest Date - July 2020


Our Oat Hay is Organic and harvested in the milk stage. This allows the hay to remain greener. While it means a lower yield at harvest for our grower that's ok because the result is an excellent hay for your guinea pig, rabbit, or chinchilla.

The oat is also softer than when harvested in later stages. This is a great hay to mix in so your beloved furry pal gets what they need for their overall health. Just like in the wild where they would eat a variety of greens, they need it at home too!

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KMS Hayloft Organic Oat Hay Review
I recommend this product
Oat Hay

We recently added two Holland Lop bunnies to our family. I am also very allergic to Timothy and Orchard so, we needed to switch hay types. I found your site online and ordered oat hay. I was VERY pleased when I opened the box to find the nice long cuts and that it wasn’t shredded up like grass. Our girls love it and didn’t seem to have any issues transitioning.

Amanda W.
United States United States
KMS Hayloft Organic Oat Hay Review
I recommend this product
Superb Quality

I tried 2 other inferior quality brands as new purchases when I first got my GP. My husband seemed to develop an allergy to "something". Alfalfa made him go wild with sneezes. Timothy still made him react. I bought Oat hay. It seemed to relieve most symptoms. The owner of the company personally reached out to recommend another variety that may help with allergens. I sincerely love this company. I am ordering 5 pound bundle next.

Nicole T.
United States United States
Best of several oat hays I’ve bought!

My bun and I are SO pleased with this oat hay. I’ve bought oat hay from several major hay suppliers both online and in stores. Spent a small fortune. But my very picky English Angora would not eat any of them! They were either yellow, dry, full of hay crush and/or void of crunchy oat seed heads, which she loves. The KMS oat hay, however, is terrific! Beautiful green, fresh and non-dusty hay that is *chock full* of fat, crunchy seed heads! My rabbit eats it with abandon. I feed her just a handful a few times a week because too many rich oats can cause weight gain and digestive upset. She’s goes wild with delight when she learns it’s time to “parTAY with the KMS oat HAY”!

Jo G.
United States United States
Good quality oat hay

My bun loves this oat hay. I’ve noticed that he doesn’t want to eat his Timothy hay that much. But with this oat hay, he went crazy for it.

Natwadee C.
United States United States
Oat Hay

As usual, my four bunnies & two foster bunnies love your oat hay! Only the best for our kiddos♥️.

Deborah B.
United States United States