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Lavender Bundles

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  • 100% Edible Grade Lavender
  • Safe for Pets to consume as a treat
  • Lavender has calming effects
  • Place around the home for decoration and the lovely lavender scent
  • Grown and Processed in the Pacific Northwest, USA
  • Always will ship separately via USPS Priority Mail
Lavender is grown in the Pacific Northwest by Palouse Haven Farm specifically with the intent to use with animals. We choose to partner with Palouse Haven Farm because they share the immense passion for animals health and safety that we do.


Varieties Available - 

  • Royal Velvet 
    • Dark blue/purple color
    • Average 12-14 inches tall and 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter
    • Decorative Wrap
    • English Variety - Excellent for a bouquet or culinary use
    • Mild Flavor
  • Grosso (4 per order)
    • Light purple color
    • Average 12-14 inches tall and 1 inch in diameter
    • French and English Variety Cross - Excellent Oil Producer with a strong aroma
    • Strong Flavor
  •  Giant Hidcote
    • Light Purple Color
    • Average 18-24 inches tall and 1.5 - 2in diameter
    • English Variety - Mild Sweet Aroma
    • Mild Flavor

There are 45 different lavender species and 450 varieties.  The lavender plant is highly edible and belongs to the mint family.  It is safe for humans and pets.  Lavender has a unique flavor and calming effect so can be a good treat for guinea pigs and rabbits during times of stress and change.  All lavender plants are edible but the English Lavenders(Lavender Augustifolia) is considered to be sweeter and better for culinary uses.  Portuguese Lavender (Lavandula latifolia) is also called Spike lavender.  This variety is more cold hardy and more pungent.  Lavandins “(Lavandula X Intermedia) are a cross between English and Portuguese Lavender.  They have higher oil content so are more often used for aroma with products such as lavender oil and lavender buds.  French Lavenders (Lavandula dentata) are for milder climates.  These types have a lighter aroma and are more ornamental.  Spanish Lavenders (Lavandula stoechas) are suited for mild more humid climates (most lavender prefers more dry climates) and is considered and ornamental variety.

Types of English Lavender include Royal Velvet, Folgate, Melissa, Hidcote.  Types of Lavandins include Grosso, Provence, and Fred Boutin.


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Kelly B.
United States United States

Absolutely lovely. It smells incredible,

Absolutely lovely. It smells incredible, it is very fresh, and arrives perfectly. Also, its a perfect little treat for my rabbits!

Katherine P.

Lovely Lavender

The bundle is absolutely lovely. My GP doesn't really eat it, I've discovered, so it's more of just a nice visual in our home. I love lavender so I knew it wouldn't matter either way.

Lauren B.
United States United States