In 2002, I launched what was then called Kleenmama's Hayloft . I had one product, bluegrass hay. The name Kleenmama came from the fact I was self employed in another business, which was new construction cleaning, and I had 5 kids!

The name I wanted for my new business was already taken, and since I had name recognition on several guinea pig boards, I decided to go with Kleenmama, which was my email and also my name on the boards.

Since I had five kids, I wanted to offer a really great product at a better price than anywhere I'd seen on the web. Like a lot of people, it was a struggle to support our family and so making things less expensive was a huge incentive of mine. It still is today.

We are a small family run company. Saving money for my customers is always first and foremost in my mind. We don't have fancy pre-printed boxes, we don't have tons of items, and we don't have a phone line for customer orders. All of these things cost money and those costs have to be passed on to my customers. We are not machine operated, almost all of our work here is done through manual labor. However, I may be getting new 10 lb pellet bags! That is exciting here for us :)

I am also dedicated to providing the best possible customer service. There are only two of us who ever answer emails, and I know most of you by name recognition when I see your orders.

We donate thousands of dollars every year to rescues and sanctuaries, both locally and throughout the US. All of our products are sourced locally and are made in the US.

We changed our name to KMS Hayloft in 2011 (still short for Kleenmama's but I get a whole lot less emails about the name of my business and less porn results from search engines!).


I own and operate KMS Hayloft. In addition to my business, I have 4 kids and 4 grandkids who I adore and love to spoil. It's so much easier being a grandma than a mom! I love to quilt in the winter and garden in the summer when there is time. Fall is insane because I am all over the place making sure the new hay is great and getting what I want and scheduling hay haulers and negotiating prices. I do all of the office work, admin most of the time, processing and ordering all our supplies and products. I developed my own line of pellets with the aid of experts, nutritionists, and veterinarians and tons of research on my own.


He is the love of my life and my husband of nearly 21 years. He is a train conductor for BNSF, which takes him away from home for about 36 hours at a  time. When he is home he helps out with pellets, barn repairs, house repairs (he was a carpenter for 17 years) and trying to get a handle on five acres of property. He makes things for my business that I need but have no mechanical ability to make. He calls it "Linda's list." His favorite thing to do in life is fish, so when there is any extra time, or when we specifically make time, we go out on "his" boat and go fishing. (Apparently the house is mine and the boat is his.)


Most of you have already had contact through email on the site with Nessa, our beautiful firstborn. She did admin part time for me for about three years and still helps out on occasion when I leave town. She is very busy now with her 2 adorable boys, Baylor who is 3 and Lukah who is 6 months. Her humor is fantastic and I'm sure a lot of you miss her. Me too!


Sammi is our gorgeous second child and youngest daughter. She lives on the west side of the state and is in charge of social media. She runs my Facebook page and will soon have more duties in other areas of the business, but for now she has her hands full with her two precious daughters of her own, Aspen who is 2 and Bailey who is 2 months.

  Sarah and Chris

Chris is our fifth and youngest child and Sarah is his stunning fiancee. They have been living with us since last September when they moved away from Arizona, and have been doing the barn work. They do all the packing and shipping of orders, take care of all the inventory and supplies, and hauling pellets from the trucking center to the barn.

In addition to the barn job, Sarah has been invaluable in getting my new website up and getting the theme all pretty. She has helped get all the pictures onto the site, and has done numerous formatting changes that I didn't have the time or the knowledge to do.


Austin is our newbie to the group, and the only one who is not family (he is our neighbor).  He has been hired to work in the barn doing all the barn duties and also to help out on the property since Loren is gone a lot and I am busy. He has proved to be a fantastic asset, thoughtful about all areas of the business and has a great work ethic and attention to detail. We are so glad to have him aboard.

Honorable mentions


Until this switch to the new website, Lyn has run my old website and hosted me on her server since the very beginning.  She completely set up my old website, made all of the changes to the front page and other changes in the website, coordinated with all the shipping companies when it came to the technical details, and has been an instrumental part of my success. Lyn, you are a dear friend for life.

She also makes the Cavy Health Record books which I sell on my site, and she owns and operates the best guinea pig board there is! You can find her at

Elizabeth and Michael

Elizabeth is my very best friend. I met her in 2001. She and her husband Michael took all the professional product shots for this site, formatted the pictures to fit where they should, and a dozen other things to help get this site up and running. She has also helped me through the years with product ideas and with all my computer issues.

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