Shipping Policies

Return Policy

Your order left us in the best condition. If you have received a package that has been damaged so that the hay and pellets are wet or unusable, please contact us so that we may file a claim with the shipper. The box may reach you looking much the worse for wear, but hay is a hard item to break, so the contents should be fine. You MUST keep the package in case the shipper needs to inspect it prior to issuing a claim. If you have discarded the packaging, bags, or items, then no claim will be filed. When the claim has been approved, we will ship you out a new order, free of charge.

If, within 15 days of delivery, you are not satisfied with the quality of your hay or pellet purchase, return your order and we will gladly refund your purchase price, minus shipping and handling.

If your address is incorrect and the shipper cannot deliver, you will be charged for shipping and handling regardless, and you will be charged again to re-ship your order.